TBL-3096 Folding Table

30" x 96" Rectangular Table

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Tough Poly Plastic

Tough polypropylene plastic protects tables from the rigours of daily use or events.

Steel Tubular Legs

Steel tubular legs provide added strength and stability to the table.

2" Thick Edging

A generous 2″ edging has been added for extra protection.

Plastic Castor

To ensure no damage to any flooring, a plastic castor has been added.

Honeycomb Molding

To balance strength and minimal weight, a honeycomb molding system was used.

Gravity Locks

Legs function on a gravity lock system which provides stability and ease of use and storage.

Easy Setup

Minimal effort is required for setup and takedown.


Tables can stack neatly when folded and put away on the SW60 Table Dolly with ease.

SW 60 Table Dolly

The SW 60 Table Dolly accommodates all models of folding tables.

Dolly Storage

Stores 12 x TBL 060
Stores 10 x TBL 071
Stores 12 x TBL 3072
Stores 12 x TBL 3096


TBL-3072 / TBL-3096
Width: 72” / 96"
Depth: 30” / 30"
Height: 29 ½” / 29 ½”
Weight: 35 Lbs. / 49 Lbs.

Table Warranty

All tables come with a 10-year warranty on the construction.