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ComforTek Seating has been manufacturing church chairs since 2000. We started primarily in the worship seating marketplace, manufacturing a new design of sanctuary seating that incorporated a pew like ganging style. Over the years we’ve honed our church chairs into one of the market leading options. With industry leading innovations such as cold cured foam, and our comfort style back, we’ve developed a loyal base of customers whom we’ve built cherished relationships with.

We look forward to helping you develop and bring to life a sanctuary space that is both welcoming, and provides lasting comfort and support for years to come. We’d love to talk with you further regarding your needs, and how we can be of assistance.


Church chairs come in numerous material types, but you can expect to find most of our chairs to have:

  • Steel frame and legs to ensure maximum durability
  • Cold-cured foam seat, allowing for lasting comfort and shape
  • Cold-cured back to help support your back and proper posture
  • Nylon guides on the legs of the chair to prevent scratches

Each chair comes with strong, durable fabric designed to be comfortable and withstand frequent use.

Worship chairs have different delivery times that are based on numerous factors, such as: whether we have the chairs in stock, the location of the warehouse, your sanctuary’s location and the transport company’s own timeframe for delivery.

We will do everything possible to provide you with an accurate delivery estimate when contacting us.

Each one of your worship chairs is packed with the utmost care. We require all delivery trucks to have a lift so that your chairs are packed safely and arrive ready to use. The driver will move the chairs into your facility if you opt for this additional service.

You can have your items shipped either:

  • Bulk
  • Box shipping
  • Palletized

Bulk chairs are stacked and shrink-wrapped for added safety. Customers will need to remove the chairs on their own. Assistance with chair removal is available at an added cost.

Our chairs come with multiple warranties:

  • Lifetime warranty if the chair has a steel frame (when noted)
  • Foam warranty, ranging from 10 – 15 years, depending on the type of foam
  • Upholstery warranty of 5 – 10 years, as indicated on the product warranty

Our warranties vary by the type of chair purchased, but the information will be provided to you when ordering. You can even submit your warranty request to us via email to speed up the request.

We started our business in 1999 and have made over 3.5 million church chairs to date. Our chairs are found in sanctuaries all across North America. At ComforTek, we’re serious about taking environmental responsibility. We’re a certified green supplier, meaning that your interior will be healthier for you and all of your members.

We offer multiple ordering options, fantastic pricing on bulk church chairs and numerous fabric options to choose from.

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      Church Chairs by ComforTek

      Church Chairs by ComforTek Footer

      Church chairs: Form vs Function

      Church chairs: Form vs FunctionaIf you’re being honest, you don’t think about your church’s chairs until it’s time to replace a few of them. Or maybe, you’re seeking to expand your current seating capacity. Maybe you’re even updating your church auditorium seating with a strategic bulk purchase. When that time comes for you, we want to help.

      Your church seating should be a balance between form and function. It should be the best furniture but also affordable. Church chairs should have a modern, elegant look with a high level of comfort. ComforTek can meet all those needs, providing you with superior worship chairs at a competitive cost.

      Looking for true comfort? Our cushioned church chairs come in a variety of sizes to accommodate the seating needs of all your parishioners. Are you wanting a tasteful décor but concerned about luxury prices? Our company can assist you in buying church chairs without breaking the budget.

      When it comes to church seating, making the right decision for your congregation can be tricky. Let our helpful sales team serve you by guiding you to the right strategies in church seating. We want you to buy church chairs that will both last a lifetime and promote a more meaningful, comfortable worship service.

      What types of church chairs do we offer?

      ComforTek’s seating solutions for your church fall into two types: Sanctuary Chairs and Auxiliary Chairs.

      Styles and Colors of Church Chairs: Our sanctuary chairs are the answer when you want the finest in comfort and beauty coupled with superior construction and flexibility. ComforTek’s line of Summit chairs will exceed your expectations. We also offer more mobile and flexible chairs for special events, weekly activities, or when you simply need to have additional seating. They are manufactured with strength and endurance in mind, and we offer soft-cushioned or firm plastic backings and bases as options for you. These chairs come in a variety of color choices that you can work out with our sales staff on order.

      Church Chairs Material: The ability we offer you to customize your chairs’ fabric and color demonstrate how committed we are to making sure that you can provide the optimal worship experience for your community. Using DesignMix, you will be able to select from a wide array of fabrics and other backing material to craft your chairs to match the overall ambience of your sanctuary.

      Church Chairs Offered by ComforTek
      Church Chairs by ComforTek

      How do we ensure the quality of our worship chairs?

      • All our products come with our ComforTek Warranty which backs up the quality of a superbly made chair
      • Our padded line of chairs all come with cold-cured foam (7701-X / 7741-X), the industry standard for comfort and reliability
      • We offer a host of fabrics and colors to help you design your sanctuary and other meeting places with both style and strategy
      • Our innovative designs in framework offer you chairs that safely stack higher than most conventional church chairs
      • We provide bariatric options for people of all sizes and mobility chairs for people who require assistance in getting up to or away from the table

      What are the benefits of Church Chairs by ComforTek?

      What do you get when you choose ComforTek? As we have already mentioned, we offer a world-class guarantee, superior construction, endurance, comfort, flexibility, the ability to customize, and affordability.

      We look forward to helping you develop and bring to life your church platform, so that it is both welcoming and provides lasting comfort and support for years to come. When the time comes for you buy church chairs that meet your worship needs, ComforTek is here to serve.

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