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Permanent or Flexible?

ComforTek Seating recognizes that each worship community develops its own style of corporate worship and that each style of worship may require different features in the chairs that it selects.

In almost a decade of working with churches of all denominations, we have identified two primary styles of corporate worship. Permanent and Flexible.

Which one are you?

What's Your Worship Style?

Permanent spaces

Pew Like, seamless seating, and versatile.

The primary focus for this style of corporate worship is to provide seamless or pew-like seating within the sanctuary. Here, chairs are more formal, more pew-like in appearance; while the function of portability is appreciated, it is not the determining factor when used in this style of worship.

The high ceilings and spacious walls of the sanctuary enhances each guest’s sense of “personal space” and comfort.

Seamless seating, unsurpassed comfort

Pew-Like seating for your sanctuary.

The Summit Series of chairs allow seats and backs of adjoining chairs to touch,
and even guests seated across the seam of two chairs will experience unsurpassed comfort.

Seamless Seating Church Chairs

Comfort is a standard feature

Introducing the NEW Comfort Back

Feel the embrace of comfort. With the all new Comfort Back, you’re treated to an eye pleasing radial silhouette, and a hugging comfort all in one unit. We’re excited to announce this premium feature is now standard on all our stock 7701-X & 7741-X units!

New Comfort Back by ComforTek
ComforTek Shared Arm

Shared arm

A helping hand for those who need it.

A typical layout configuration consists of an armed chair inserted every third chair (the inserted armed chairs remain interlocked with the armless chairs). These chairs also adapt to accommodate the needs of seniors or elderly who often experience difficulty getting in and out of worship chairs.

Make your chair work in YOUR space

Church Chair Accessories.
We offer a range of accessories and add-ons to our chairs to help them work best within your space, and needs.

Hanging Bookrack by ComforTek

5″ depth. Ideal for multiple hymn books. Access from the front and back.

Stackable Bookrack by ComforTek

3″ depth. Ideal when stacking is required. Access from the back only.

Plastic Card Pocket by ComforTek

Available to be added to most units, the plastic card and pencil holder offers a strong, versatile option for back-of-chair storage.

Plastic Card Pocket w/ Communion Cup Holders by ComforTek

Similar to our Plastic Card Pocket, this version comes complete with 2 communion cup holders, mounted on either side of the pocket.

Enclosed Back Church Chairs by ComforTek

Enclosed backs

Take your church chair to the next level.

Aesthetically pleasing from every angle, our enclosed back chairs are a popular choice for permanent sanctuaries looking for a finished look from all views. With an enclosed back chair, the upholstery completely encloses the back, and no frame is visible, even from the rear. This leaves your rows with a polished, consistent flow.

Attachable kneeler for worship

Attachable and retractable kneeler.
An attachable kneeler has been designed to mount on to each of the Summit Series of chairs. The attachable arm allows the kneeler pad to extend 13″ behind the chair to which it is attached. The added clearance and retractable feature provide comfort and ease of operation for all worshippers.

Worship Style - Kneeler Option

Flexible Spaces

Multi-purpose, individual seating, and auditorium

Primary focus for this style of worship is to provide chairs that can be used equally well in row seating applications and in conjunction with tables.

Chairs will frequently be set up in multiple configurations, from row seating and full-fledged banquet arrangements to overflow seating and smaller meeting rooms or classrooms. Comfort is certainly a major component of this chair; however as the chair frame has a slightly narrower profile, its most prominent feature is being readily movable and stackable.

Flexible Church Space Seating by ComforTek

Versatility never looked so good

Customizable your room setting easily
Whether you need to create a banquet setting or overflow seating, easily create the look you want with our multi-purpose chairs.

791G with Tables
791G Row Seating by ComforTek
791G Storage Handling

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