Submitting a warranty request:

  • Send an email to with the following information:
    • Description of the issue, and quantity of chairs experiencing that issue. Please list a quantity with each issue, so we know what replacement parts would be required
    • Attach photos of each of the issues
    • Describe your desired resolution
    • Let us know if any of the details, such as; address, telephone number, contact name, have changed from the original order
    • Original order or invoice number if you have it

  • A warranty ticket will be created from your request. You’ll receive updates as the ticket is processed into our system. Please make note of your ticket #.
  • For additional updates, please email either from the ticket email that you receive, or directly, being sure to note your ticket number.
  • The ticket will be assessed, addressed, and resolved. Then you will receive notification that it has been closed as “Solved”.
Lifetime Steel Frame Warranty (When Noted)

The entire steel frame is covered under our lifetime warranty. This includes manufacturing defects in the welds, and steel tubing. When the seating is used in traditional church activities. Any frame found to be defective will be repaired or replaced at our discretion. Seats/backs can be easily transferred onto a replacement frame on-site by the customer.

Foam Warranty

Our standard dual density foam is warrantied for 10 years (when noted) from date of delivery. This covers the foam against break-down causing significant density drop. Often we will have a waybill sent to have a seat/back sent back to the factory for inspection/assessment. If the foam is deemed to be defective, seats/backs will be repaired or replaced. Our Cold Cured Molded Foam is covered by a 15 year warranty, and covers the foam to the same conditions as the dual density foam noted above.

Upholstery Warranty

The fabrics we use are warranted for 10/5 (which ever is noted) years against ordinary wear when used in a sanctuary or comparable application. Seams and sewing are covered via this warranty, but do not apply when physical damage is present from stacking. We do not warrant fabric against cuts, tears, burns, normal fading, Ultra Violet Lighting, outdoor use and/or exposure to sunlight.

What is UV damage?

UV Damage is caused by exposure of the fabric to UV rays. These rays are most prominent in sunlight, but can also be found in artificial lighting. Commercially rated fabrics are tested to certain color fastness ratings. The industry standard for upholstery fabrics is Class 4, 40 hour rating. The fabrics will begin to fade and deteriorate once they’ve surpassed this level of exposure.

What if we have many windows or lots of overhead lighting in our facility?

There are fabrics which are milled with higher color fastness ratings. We would be happy to explain these options to you, and provide a quote for those fabrics. The closer to the equator you’re located, the stronger the UV rays will be from sunlight.

What if we leave our chairs stacked on a regular basis?

The best practice when leaving chairs stacked and unused, is to keep them in a cool, dark, dry room. This will help to prolong the fabric life and keep your chairs looking like new. If that is not possible in your location, it is a good idea to block off any windows that will be directing light at the chairs. Otherwise, uneven fading and even damage can occur.

How can I clean our chairs?

We recommend a mild soap and water mixture, using regular dish soap. It is best to blot stains, and not rub it further into the fabric. DO NOT USE any upholstery cleaning chemicals or products, as these can cause the fabric to wear prematurely, or damage the finish. A professional STEAM cleaning service can also be used to clean the chairs. Warranty does not apply to any product, which has been altered or subjected to misuse, negligence or accident.

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