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What materials are commonly used to make auxiliary chairs for church?

At ComforTek, we understand that you want only the best auxiliary chairs for your sanctuary. We use only the highest quality materials to ensure that your chairs will last for years to come.

Our chairs feature:

  • – Steel frames for high durability and longevity
  • – Cold-cured foam cushions for added comfort
What determines the delivery time?

We do our best to ship our chairs as quickly as possible. However, delivery times will largely depend on your location, our inventory levels and the shipping company.

Delivery can be very quick if we have the chairs in stock. Bulk orders may take more time if we have to manufacture your chairs.

The shipping company may also have factors that will impact delivery time.

How will you ship my auxiliary chairs?

Our auxiliary chairs will be shipped in one of three ways:

Bulk: We use this shipping method for large orders of chairs, and they will be packed on a dedicated truck.

Palletized: We use palletized shipping when a small number of chairs are ordered. Chairs are shipped using an LTL truck.

Box: We use box shipping to send out single chairs via UPS or FedEx.

Will I get a warranty on my brand new auxiliary chairs?

Auxiliary chairs are an investment, and one that will benefit your sanctuary for years to come. We stand behind the quality of our craftsmanship and offer warranties that range from five years to a lifetime.

  • – Steel frames, when noted, as backed by a lifetime warranty.
  • – Our foam may have a warranty period of up to 15 years.
  • – Upholstery warranties range from 5-10 years.
Why choose ComforTek?

Since opening our doors in 1999, we have shipped millions of chairs to churches and sanctuaries across North America. Church chairs are our specialty. Customers turn to us because of our industry-leading warranties, decades of experience and extensive customization options.