100% Cold Cured Foam by ComforTek
100% Cold Cured Foam by ComforTek

What is Cold Cured Foam?

Cold cured foam (CCF) is a closed cell type of foam. It is made one for one in a mold. There is a formula that is mixed inside the mold, then sealed and vacuumed to ensure full and even form. Once the cavity has been completely filled, the foam is complete.

No added heat is used in the creation of this foam, thus the name cold cured foam. You can find cold cured foam in automobile and high end theatre seating.

Now available as a standard feature on all 7700 Series of Church Chairs.

Made to Last and Last...

Cold Cured Foam provides superior resiliency and shape holding power, allowing your cushions to last and last. Your guests will get the same consistent and comfortable sit every time.

Cold Cured Foam has an industry leading 15-year warranty.


Liquid Resistant

All cold cured foam seat cushions are made with a thin membrane that repels water and other liquids, preventing any liquids from penetrating the cushion.


Air Technology

Air pockets strategically placed throughout the cushion provide outstanding comfort and performance.


No Fabric Snagging

Cold cured foam cushions extend beyond and below the plywood on all four sides eliminating any fabric snagging.

What is the difference between cold cured foam and standard slab foam?

  • Resilient and holds its shape
  • Longer lasting foam
  • Consistent foam every time
  • Thin membrane blocks liquids from penetrating the foam
  • 15-year warranty
Standard Slab Foam
  • Loses its shape quicker over time
  • Fabric becomes loose / puckering once foam deteriorates
  • Inconsistent densities (due to the baking process)
  • No liquid barrier
  • Usually has a 5-year warranty

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