Church Pew Chairs by ComforTek
Church Pew Chairs by ComforTek

Church Pews vs. Pew Chairs

Remember the old-fashioned church pews? Made with varnished pine, stretching the length of half the sanctuary, padded with that red velvet cushion that never quite stayed in place? Well, church seating has come a long way and for the better. Pew chairs have all but replaced the older style pews. Adding a long overdue comfort to auditorium seating, people can sit for longer and with greater ease.

ComforTek stands as the industry standard in the design of pew chairs for church events. For over twenty years, we have remained committed to providing worship centers with the finest in pew seating for an affordable price. From the long-lasting cold-cured foam inside the chair to the sturdy construction of the steel frame, you will find no better church pew chairs available in the marketplace today.

Benefits of Pew Chairs by ComforTek

But what is a pew chair? It combines the concept of the long, bench-style pews with the modern comfort of individual seating. These interlocking church chairs allow churches to create stadium symmetry without compromising personal convenience. The metal flanges located along each side of the chair are designed to hook into one another so that a row of chairs can be aligned and not become separated. At any point, they can also act as standalone chairs that you may position anywhere in your church building.

We take great pride in the quality of our work and our products. As such, every chair that ComforTek manufactures comes with its World-class Warranty.

Looking for new pew chairs?

ComforTek has made over 3.5 million chairs and proudly serves our many communities of faith around the world. Whether you need pew chairs for a smaller church or are outfitting a much larger church theater, ComforTek can exceed your expectations.

If you have any questions about ComforTek’s line of worship seating solutions, feel free to contact a sales rep today at 1-888-678-2060.

20+ Years of Service

Over 20 Years of Church Seating Experience

ComforTek started in the church industry in 1999 and haven’t looked back since. We have experience and knowledge to help you in your seating selection journey.


Over 3,500,000 Million Chairs Made To-date

Over our 20 plus years of manufacturing, ComforTek has built over 3.5 million chairs for sanctuaries from different worship communities all across North America.

MAS Certified Green

Buy with Confidence

We build with confidence. All Summit Series chairs are MAS Green Certified and come with a lifetime warranty on the frame, 10 years on the foam, and 10 years on the fabric stitching and seams.


Your sanctuary deserves the best pew chairs in the industry. That’s why top-tier materials go into every chair that we provide. The frames of our chairs are made from steel, allowing members of all ages to sit on the chair with confidence.

Cold-cured foam sits underneath the fabric, allowing each chair to hold its shape and remain comfortable for years to come.

Pew seating delivery time depends on your location, our inventory and the shipping company. If we have all of the seats in stock, delivery is very fast. However, if you have a bulk order that requires us to manufacture your chairs, this can add to the delivery time.

On top of this, transport companies are relied upon to deliver our chairs, and they have many factors that will impact delivery time.

Our team uses only the best transport companies to load and unload your chairs. We take every precaution to properly protect your chair during delivery, including shrink-wrapping the chairs and using cardboard to prevent any damage to the fabric or frame during delivery.

We can have delivery drivers unpack your chairs for you, but this does not come with standard shipping.

Depending on the order size, we will either use bulk, box or palletized shipping options.

Pew seating is an investment in the future of your church. We pride ourselves on offering the industry’s best chairs, and we back the craftsmanship with warranties that last from 5 years to a lifetime.

When noted, steel frames come with a lifetime warranty.

Chair foam may have a warranty period of up to 15 years, and upholstery warranties are between 5 and 10 years.

Pew chairs have been our focus since 1999. For nearly 25 years, we’ve supplied millions of chairs to sanctuaries across North America. Customers choose us because of our industry experience, extensive warranties and the ability to choose from numerous color options.

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