Funeral Home Chairs by ComforTek
Funeral Home Chairs by ComforTek

The right chair for a solemn occasion

As a professional in the funeral home business, you help provide the important service of allowing loved ones to say goodbye to those who have moved on. As such, funeral chairs become an important part of how you can provide that care. Having the right chair for the right occasion can positively affect the experience people share when paying their respects and saying goodbye.

Benefits of funeral home chairs by ComforTek

Funeral home chairs that last, matter. Providing the finest funeral seating solutions—with focus on comfort and sturdiness will set you apart as a care leader in your community. ComforTek offers superior products at affordable rates is what has made us the leader in hospitality and worship seating for over twenty years. Our answer to the standard “funeral home folding chairs” is the 791G High Density Stacker. It offers sturdy construction, comfort-style backs made of molded polypropylene, and a world-class Warranty. They also stack 35 chairs high and take up little space. They become a great option for overflow seating. There when you need them, out of sight, when you don’t.

For the ultimate in comfort, we have our Summit stackable chairs with cushioned seating available with cold-cured foam. They are constructed with a wider base to help accommodate larger guests. They stack 6-10 chairs high and provide lumbar support.

We have a wide array of fabrics to allow for custom design of your funeral chairs. This will allow you to customize many spaces with furniture that matches your desired themes. In short, when it comes to anticipating the needs of clients who desire a memorable and thoughtful occasion, we really have thought of everything.

As you make plans to serve your community well in the years ahead, consider the reliable solutions ComforTek offers. Providing high quality funeral seating will demonstrate the high level of care and professionalism you seek to give to families for generations to come.

Why to choose funeral home chairs at ComforTek

ComforTek has made over 3.5 million chairs and proudly has served many funeral homes with seating. Whether you need overflow stackable chairs or outfitting small chapel, ComforTek can exceed your expectations.

If you have any questions about ComforTek’s line of funeral home seating solutions, feel free to contact a sales rep today at 1-888-678-2060.

20+ Years of Service

Over 20 Years of Church Seating Experience

ComforTek started in the church industry in 1999 and haven’t looked back since. We have experience and knowledge to help you in your seating selection journey.


Over 3,500,000 Million Chairs Made To-date

Over our 20 plus years of manufacturing, ComforTek has built over 3.5 million chairs for sanctuaries from different worship communities all across North America.

MAS Certified Green

Buy with Confidence

We build with confidence. All Summit Series chairs are MAS Green Certified and come with a lifetime warranty on the frame, 10 years on the foam, and 10 years on the fabric stitching and seams.


Funeral chairs must be made with the industry’s best materials. We use steel for the frame of most chairs, increasing the chair’s longevity drastically. Two types of foam are used inside of the upholstery. First, we use dual density foam for added safety and comfort. This is a thick layer of foam that makes sitting for long periods of time more comfortable. We also use cold cured foam, which resists liquid and provides a sturdier top layer for seating.

We aim to deliver your funeral seating as soon as possible. However, we cannot provide a general delivery time without contacting us first. We will need to consider the size of your order, if we have the chairs you want in stock, your location and other factors to provide you with an accurate delivery time.

We will ship all of your funeral chairs using the industry’s best shipping practices. Our team will use cardboard, shrink-wrap and other materials to protect your chair during delivery. We have multiple shipping options that depend on the size of your shipment, including box, bulk and pallet shipping.

If you need help unloading the chairs, we may have this option available at an additional charge.

You need your funeral seating to last from funeral to funeral without any rips, breaks or other damage occurring. We back your investment with an extensive warranty that includes a lifetime warranty on your metal frame, up to 15 years on the chair’s foam and an upholstery warranty of 5 to 10 years. You can contact us any time your chair has an issue within its warranty period, and we’ll act quickly to correct the problem.

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