SUMMIT Series 7701-X Designer

Armless, 20" wide chair w/ Cold Cured Foam seat and back

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Lifting the joy of worship.
The SUMMIT Series 7701-X Designer Church Chair offers a plush waterfall seat and comfort back that provides your guest with an unrivaled sitting experience.

With Cold Cured Foam, you are getting the same foam that is found in automotive and high end theater seating. Each cushion is individually molded, creating the least amount of waste, and providing a foam that will last for decades, while retaining its original shape and comfort.

•  Cold Cured Foam Seat & Back
•  Fully Assembled
•  Comfort Back – Standard Feature
•  Stacks 6 – 8 High Safely
• Seamless Seating (Interlocks to create a pew-like effect)
•  Available With Arms – Model: SUMMIT Series 7741-X Designer

For a complete list of features, please see ‘Key Features‘ tab below.

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