When it comes to church chairs, if you’re looking for premium comfort, affordable prices, and a variety of color options, ComforTek can get you what you need. Our luxurious purple church chairs provide a vibrant, colorful style to any sanctuary. Built with the high, exacting standards we hold for all our chairs, the purple church chair is your best bet for class and comfort.

Purple Church Chairs by ComforTek
Purple Church Chairs by ComforTek (Stacked)
Purple Church Chairs by ComforTek (Interlocked)

SUMMIT Series 7701-20″-HZ Church Chair
Shown in CULP Archetype – Blackberry / Textured Black Frame

Purple Church Chairs Benefits

Our team has been delivering church chairs since 1999, and we have a pulse on what your congregation members want in your chairs. Each chair comes with:

Space-saving Options

Rearrange your space to offer:

  • Bible class to youths
  • Counseling
  • Workshops

Our chairs can stack 6 – 8 high, offering you the flexibility to rearrange your space on a whim. Stack the chairs when they’re not in use and take them out of storage when you need more seating to meet your congregation’s ever-changing needs.

Interlocking Capabilities

Chairs or pews? Why choose? Our chairs have interlocking sections that allow us to connect multiple chairs together to create pews. Your chairs can connect and disconnect quickly, allowing you to add more chairs to make the pew longer or remove some to make them smaller.
Interlocking chairs are a great option for church seating because they:

  • Remain in place
  • Offer the pew style with more options
  • Allow congregation members to sit near each other comfortably
  • You’ll benefit from the closeness of pews with the comfort of cold cure foam.

Arrives Fully Assembled

Your purple church chairs will arrive fully assembled. We wrap each chair to protect them from damage during transport. When the chairs arrive, you’ll need to remove the wrapping and arrange the chairs to meet your desired layout.
You don’t even need to pick up a single tool to assemble your chairs.
We run strict quality assurance tests on each chair to guarantee that they’re assembled to the highest standards when they arrive at your sanctuary.

Long-seating Comfort

We offer a wide selection of purple church chairs wholesale that are designed to keep members comfortable for extended periods of time.
No matter the length of your service, you can be sure that attendees are focused on your words of wisdom and not their discomfort.
Our chairs feature a waterfall cushion and a comfortable curved back that provides lumbar support.

20+ Years of Service

Over 20 Years of Church Seating Experience

ComforTek started in the church industry in 1999 and haven’t looked back since. We have experience and knowledge to help you in your seating selection journey.


Over 3,500,000 Million Chairs Made To-date

Over our 20 plus years of manufacturing, ComforTek has built over 3.5 million chairs for sanctuaries from different worship communities all across North America.

MAS Certified Green

Buy with Confidence

We build with confidence. All Summit Series chairs are MAS Green Certified and come with a lifetime warranty on the frame, 10 years on the foam, and 10 years on the fabric stitching and seams.

How to Clean Your Purple Chairs for Church?

When you shop our selection of purple church chairs for sale, you can be confident that you’re investing in chairs that are easy to maintain.
Here’s how to clean your purple church chairs:

  • Vacuum once a week with nozzle attachments to remove grime, dirt and dust.
  • Mix 1/4 cup of dish soap with 1 gallon of water to clean up spills and refresh the fabric.
  • Use a steam cleaner to remove more stubborn stains and keep your chairs looking new.

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Are you looking for purple church chairs wholesale? Our modern, ergonomic chairs are durable and comfortable.
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