What are the benefits of going to church? A lot of people, over 43%, choose to attend online because it’s easier and fits better into their schedules. Maintaining attendance is important, but many people can experience a greater level of spirituality by going to service in-person.

Why Going to Church is Important?

church is importantIf you’re spiritual, there are advantages to going to church. You can be religious and pray or study the bible at home, but the church provides you with guidance. The right pastor can help you dive deeper into scripture and:

  • Improve your spirituality
  • Join like-minded people 
  • Help you become a part of the community

Of course, these are two things that you can do outside of a sanctuary, too.

So, why is attending church important?

Let’s find out.

Finding a Sense of Community and Belonging

One of the leading reasons people go to church is to find a sense of community. Many people move to new cities, states or countries and will find a place of worship to meet their neighbors.

There is a community in your local church.
When you attend church, you live a life like Jesus in the sense that you:

  • Sit down and eat at the table with church members, much like Jesus did with his own disciples
  • Teach each other about scripture and learn as a community
  • Find answers to your questions and even debate about the meaning of verses

Community works to build consistency. If you find a sanctuary that you enjoy going to every week and begin to meet other members, you’ll want to wake up and go to a service. Finding your spirituality is easier when you’re together with others in your community and feel like you belong.

You may see your fellow churchgoers at the bank, grocery store, restaurant and in every other integral component of the community.

The connections that you make will assist you in integrating with the community and allow you to feel like you belong. Familiarity with the faces you see will make you feel safer and expand your social circle in ways that not going to church cannot offer.

Community and belonging are just two of the benefits of going to church. 

There are many other reasons to find a sanctuary that you want to attend week after week.

Opportunities for Spiritual Growth and Development

Growing spiritually is possible outside of church, yet this growth is one of the main reasons to go to church. Life gets in the way of studying scripture. You come home after a long day and watch television because you need a break.

Dedicating time to your spiritual growth and development is easier when you have a dedicated:

  • Place to go worship
  • Time to go worship

Weekly devotion is possible when you attend your local church, but there’s also the pastor or priest who can help you along your journey. These men and women of God are there to help:

  • Answer questions you have
  • Provide a sense of guidance

You’ll also find many other opportunities to develop your spirituality, such as going on church outings or even helping spread the word of God in your community.

Church allows you the time to grow your spirituality which is difficult outside of a dedicated setting.

Experiencing the Power of Worship and Prayer

PrayerWorship can help people through all stages of life. Everyone sitting in church chairs or pews is going through something unique. Someone is sick, another person got a new job or lost one, another is having problems in their relationship, and the list goes on and on.

Among these individuals are countless reasons to attend church.

However, one of the benefits of going to church that isn’t mentioned on reason lists is that you can experience the power of worship and prayer. Collective prayer has power because everyone’s energy is focused on one purpose.
You may experience:

  • Praying for a sick church member who gets well even after a grim diagnosis
  • Worshipping together and building a strong community

If you pray at home, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. You can and should find religion in your own way. Joining a community and a church allows you to pray for the collective good of others and see how the power of prayer truly works.

Opportunities to Serve and Give Back

Going to church gives you an opportunity to serve and give back to the community. In fact, this is one of the primary reasons to go to church.

Many churches are active in the community and work to help others through:

  • Volunteering
  • Feeding the hungry
  • Fundraising
  • Helping those in need
  • Spreading the word of God

Churches often hold events that help bring the community together for good causes. Whether it’s serving others through the church’s food pantry or gathering donated items for children in need, going to church will give you so many opportunities to help others and forge new connections with members of the community.

Helping others and giving back is a rewarding experience in and of itself, and it’s one that you can share with other members of your church. It’s amazing what can be accomplished when congregations get together to help those in need and serve others.

Building Discipline and Accountability

One of the most overlooked benefits of attending church is its ability to help you build discipline and accountability.

Once you become a part of the community, you feel a sense of obligation to return every week and to live by the values preached in church. Walking in the path of Christ requires discipline, and attending service every week can help you develop that discipline.

Being held accountable by the church community will help you stay on the right path, and, in turn, you will do the same for others.

When you bring the whole family to church, you ensure that your children also develop that same discipline and accountability that will keep them on the right path as well.


What is the purpose of going to church? To join together as a community in worship and prayer. But going to church has many other benefits, like finding a community, having the opportunity to serve others and accountability. The key to maximizing these benefits is finding the right church with like-minded members and a community that makes you feel like you belong.

You can even start slowly.

Attending one or two in-person services a month is a great start. You can also attend some services online and in-person. The key is to allow yourself the freedom to worship in a way that is meaningful for you.

Many churches live stream their services because it’s in such high-demand. If you’re ever sick or running late, there’s always the option to attend online. However, many church members find that when they are present physically, it creates a sense of belonging that they can’t find through online services.